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February is ” Responsible Pet Owner ” month

 1) When you consider to adopt a pet. Before you head off to a breeder, first consider your local shelter or  rescue group – there there are so many great dogs and cats just waiting for a forever  home. If you choose to get your new pet from a breeder, make sure he or she is reputable.

January Is Train your pet month

Punishment – whether it is directly physical or something hands-off like noise – is never a good tool to train a pet. Intimidating or causing a dog or cat physical discomfort can be incredibly damaging to an animal’s mental and emotional wellbeing. Anything that creates fear, anxiety or discomfort (like shock collars, prong collars, choking

Holiday Doggie Safety Tips

The following foods can be dangerous to pets: ESPECIALLY DURING THE HOLIDAYS.
It is quite common for emergency animal clinics to be filled with dogs and cats suffering from a severe bout of pancreatitis during the holidays. Giving pets table scraps such as fat from meat, cooked bones, turkey drippings and gravy, even in

When Your Senior Dog Needs to See a Vet

Senior dogs should ideally get routine twice-yearly veterinary exams. Small changes in behavior can be normal, however there are certain symptoms that should concern you.
If you notice any of the symptoms detailed in this article you should report them to your veterinarian as soon as possible. Any one or more of the following symptoms

Understanding Dog Language

Understanding what your dog is saying can give you a lot of useful information, such as when your dog is spooked and nervous about what is going on, or when your dog is edgy and might be ready to snap at someone. You do have to look at the dog’s face and his whole body.


Problems That Result from Lack of Exercise and Play
Dogs can be like young children. If you don’t give them something constructive to do with their energy, they’ll find something to do on their own-and you may not like it! Some of the most common behavior problems seen in dogs who don’t get enough exercise and

Summer Hazards Precaution for Dogs

As the cool weather slowly fades and the mercury rises, families begin preparing for another summer filled with outdoor fun. Children and adults will spend more time outside playing with their pets. Summer holidays are perfect for barbeques, picnics and pool parties. To make the summer more enjoyable, be aware of various summertime hazards that

Fireworks Phobia & Precautions

Here are a few tips to help your dog (or dogs) cope with their anxiety.

Monthly Dog Training Tips from Animal Behavior College

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