February is ” Responsible Pet Owner ” month


 1) When you consider to adopt a pet. Before you head off to a breeder, first consider your local shelter or  rescue group – there there are so many great dogs and cats just waiting for a forever  home. If you choose to get your new pet from a breeder, make sure he or she is reputable.

2) Know the cost of owning a pet. The cost of owning a cat for the first year can cost $1,100 or more, and if you have a dog, you can expect to spend upwards of $1,800  for the first year.

3) Keep your pet’s healthcare in check.  Schedule annual physical exams (or twice a year exams for a geriatric pet)  regardless of whether she is due for vaccines. Physical exams are just as important for safeguarding your pet’s health as vaccines, so don’t skip your annual exams. It is an opportunity to check up on your pet’s heart (and catch problems sooner than later).

4) Feed your pet a healthy, balanced, age appropriate diet.

5) Be sure your pet is spayed or neutered.  Decreasing the pet population is important, but spaying or neutering your pet helps reduce the risk of certain health problems, such as mammary or testicular cancer.

6) Make sure your pet has identification. Current ID tags on your dog or cat’s collar may be the difference in whether they return home or not.

7) Be prepared. Don’t forget to include a first aid book and the phone numbers of your regular veterinarian and nearby emergency facilities.

8) Train your dog. Training is also important in preventing behavior problems – unsocialized dogs can become nervous or aggressive around people.

9) Set a good example when you are in public with your pet. When you go out with your pet, be sure to bring bags so that you can clean up after him.  Leaving waste annoys other people, is unhealthy and is often against the law!

10)Lastly, tell other people about Responsible Pet Owner Month, and encourage  your friends to be responsible pet owners, too!

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