New Dog Training Tips

New Dog Training Tips

When bringing a new dog into your home for the first time, be sure to introduce the new surroundings on the first day.  Your dog will sniff around all the rooms and try to settle near an area it will be comfortable with.  To be prepared before your pup arrives, with a good spot for his crate or bed should be decided for an area that is easily viewed by both yourself and pup to keep an eye on each other.  Younger dogs or puppies would need a secluded area until the housebreaking training is completed and then changes can be made.

For older dogs, basically the same introduction procedure but with reassuring attitudes by each family member with some treat luring and petting.  Some dogs may adapt quickly to the new home environment while some may take more time, however it would be beneficial to start training with basic commands to sit, stay and come when called.  Providing a structure for Rules, Boundaries and Limitations is key for the new dogs to understand that you are a good Pack Leader, with consistent training exercises in the home.

A gradual introduction to the outside environment for socialization is also important for dogs to achieve a good Balance within their new territory.  Daily Exercise, Training and Affection will begin the process of Bonding begins between the owner and the new dog.

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